Gira Coin

Join the safari of financial evolution with Gira Coin, where our token strides towards a future of abundance.

Gira Coin Photo
Gira Coin Photo

Discover the Savanna

Embark on a journey through the vast landscape of digital currency with Gira Coin. Here, opportunities roam as freely as the giraffes in the savanna.

Gira Coin Photo

Empowering Financial Freedom

Experience the empowerment of financial freedom as Gira Coin ushers in a new era of decentralized finance, accessible to everyone, everywhere.

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Innovation Meets Simplicity

Gira Coin simplifies blockchain technology with innovative solutions, delivering a user-friendly platform for both novice and experienced investors alike.


Token CA: 0xCbdeeBe0976188D10Bd642C8777E864C51c29Df3

Gira Coin Token Image
  • Token Name: Gira Coin
  • Ticker: $GIRA
  • Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000,000


Phase 1

  • Conceptualization & Whitepaper Draft
  • Core Team Assembly & Project Launch
  • Website & Social Media Activation
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Initial Security Audit & Revisions
  • Private Sale & Community Building
  • Presale Launch on Decentralized Platforms
  • Public Sale & Exchange Listings

Phase 2

  • Platform Beta Testing & Feedback Collection
  • Partnerships with Strategic Allies
  • Expansion of Ecosystem & User Base
  • Introduction of Governance Protocols
  • Secondary Security Audit & Compliance Checks
  • Community Events & Airdrops
  • Additional Exchange Listings & Liquidity Pools
  • Launch of Platform's Main Features


Team Member 1


Chief Technology Officer

Expert in blockchain technology and smart contract development, with a deep understanding of cryptocurrency markets.

Team Member 2


Head of Marketing

Seasoned marketing strategist with a track record of successful campaigns in fintech and cryptocurrency sectors.

Team Member 3


Lead Developer

Skilled developer with a passion for creating secure and efficient decentralized applications.

Team Member 4


Community Manager

Communications specialist focused on building and maintaining a strong, engaged crypto community.